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  • Open Hand Atlanta cooks over 5,000 home-delivered, medically-tailored meals daily for our neighbors living with chronic illness, disability, and our seniors. We empower our vulnerable neighbors to live healthier, more independent lives through nutrition education, coaching, and countless community partnerships. Our mission is simple: We cook. We deliver. We teach. We care.

    When you support Open Hand, you’re helping us provide essential support to those at-risk individuals and families who lack proper access to the nutrition they need. More than that, you show our most vulnerable neighbors that you care. You care, we care, and together we will share that with those most in need in our Atlanta community. We believe in nutrition for all. Will you join us and, if you’re able, give a gift today?
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In Support of Open Hand Atlanta
Open Hand Atlanta delivers love, dignity and nutrition to neighbors in need in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. For 35 years, we have provided delicious, nourishing meals and nutrition education to thousands of people who are home-bound or too sick to cook for themselves. We’re honored to serve seniors, children and families, and our neighbors who are at risk for or have a disability or medical illness.