ChandaLand Hunger Fund

ChandaLand Hunger Fund

About This Campaign

Accessing any of the local or federal food assistance programs during the COVID-19 crisis can be difficult at an already stressful time. Especially for the most vulnerable in our community -- most of whom are home-bound, disabled, or lack the transportation necessary to get to a food bank or access other resources.

ChandaLand established this fund to support these individuals and families who may not qualify for other assistance as the pandemic continues to take a devastating toll on so many in our community.

Your support is sincerely appreciated.

Gregg Chandler

Open Hand Atlanta

Campaign to Support Open Hand Atlanta

Open Hand prepares and delivers over 5,000 meals per day to those living with or at risk for chronic disease and disabilities in 19 counties throughout the Greater Atlanta Area.

  1. Michael Vinson
    Michael Vinson gave a $105.67 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Billy Chandler
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  2. Larry Melnick
    Larry Melnick gave a $1,200 donation
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  3. Anthony Hix
    Anthony Hix gave a $100 donation
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  4. William  Driscoll
    William Driscoll gave a $105.67 donation
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  5. Bennie Prejean
    Bennie Prejean gave a $105.67 donation
    Gregg, thanks for for all your efforts for this cause.
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  6. jpenninger
    jpenninger gave a $200 donation
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  7. John Pearcd
    John Pearcd gave a $104.58 donation
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  8. Tom Thomas
    Tom Thomas gave a $52.44 donation
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  9. Open Hand Atlanta
    Open Hand Atlanta

    ChandaLand made a $2,500.00 donation.

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